Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Semester

What have I learnt of the course of this subject
I think the thing I learnt that was of most use to me was the class on ftp. It was good to learn how to use ftp
to submit my website content to athene.
I also learnt a lot about google and the features it provides to its users.
Creating accounts was a major part of this subject of which I now have at least 4 new accounts that provide different things
for me, one of the most important of those being my new Delicious Account.

With my Dilicious Account I can keep track of all my new internet based accounts and the Domain at where I can find them.
It is also great for keeping track of all the important websites I come across on a day to day basis.
Not only have I learnt how to create accounts with these sites but also how to ustilise what they have to offer me.

In this subject I have also learnt how to create website with simple tools like a text editor, or even Microsoft Word.
Using html is very useful as now I have even set up an email footer image with an email address I created for a future business
I'm thinknig of creating. i uploaded the image to Flickr and edited the html code of a personal signature to include the
image source found via Flickr.

Thanks for everything.

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